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Table 1 The demographic characteristics of participants

From: The lived experience of HIV-infected patients in the face of a positive diagnosis of the disease: a phenomenological study

Participants Gender Age Marital status Education Job Duration of infection
P1 Male 38 Single Diploma Self-employed 7
P2 Female 41 Married Elementary Unemployed 6
P3 Female 36 Married Diploma Unemployed 5
P4 Male 37 Single Academic Employee 6
P5 Female 42 Single Illiterate Unemployed 11
P6 Male 38 Married Diploma Self-employed 8
P7 Male 32 Single Academic Self-employed 4
P8 Male 39 Married Diploma Self-employed 7
P9 Female 29 Single Diploma Unemployed 2
P10 Female 40 Single Elementary Unemployed 10
P11 Male 31 Single Diploma Self-employed 4
P12 Female 34 Married Illiterate Unemployed 3