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Call for Papers

COVID-19 and HIV: clinical presentation, outcomes and impact on clinical services

This new thematic series aims to explore the clinical presentation and outcomes of COVID-19 in people with HIV, and the impact of COVID-19 on services and treatment outcomes for people living with HIV, in both high- and low-resource settings.

Currently open for submissions - submit to the series here

Treatment outcomes and paving the way for an HIV cure in Low and Middle Income Countries

Discussion of HIV treatment outcomes in LMICs has historically been neglected, even though it is in these countries that a cure is most crucial. This series covers the ways treatment outcomes can be improved along the way to a HIV cure in states defined as LMICs by the WHO.

Currently open for submissions - submit to the series here

Spatial inequality, infectious diseases and disease control

Cross-journal collection

This collection focuses on emerging infectious diseases in humans and animals, including the impact of antimicrobial resistance, and brings together research that investigates the relationship between spatial inequalities of all kinds and the impact and prevalence of these infectious diseases. This collection also welcomes papers that seek solutions towards disease control across areas with particularly unequal distribution of resources and opportunities. 

Currently open for submissions - submit to the series here


SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19

Find a selection of articles published across Springer Nature, as well as additional commentary and books relevant to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 research.

Announcing the launch of In Review

AIDS Research and Therapy, in partnership with Research Square, is now offering In Review. Authors choosing this free optional service will be able to:

  • Share their work with fellow researchers to read, comment on, and cite even before publication
  • Showcase their work to funders and others with a citable DOI while it is still under review
  • Track their manuscript - including seeing when reviewers are invited, and when reports are received 

Aims and scope

AIDS Research and Therapy publishes articles on basic, translational, clinical, social, epidemiological, behavioral and educational sciences, focused on the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS, and the search for the cure. The Journal publishes studies on novel and developing treatment strategies for AIDS, as well as on the outcomes of established treatment strategies. Original research articles on animal models that form an essential part of the AIDS treatment research are also considered.

Dr Barbara Castelnuovo - Editor in Chief

Dr Barbara Castelnuovo is an Italian/Ugandan clinical researcher. She is a specialist in Infectious Diseases trained at the University of Milan, with a PhD in Medical Sciences from the University of Antwerp. She has worked as an HIV specialist at the Infectious Diseases Institute, Makerere University, Uganda since 2004 and she is currently the Head of the Research Department.

Dr Castelnuovo has designed and implemented several clinical observational studies, and clinical trials. Her research interest are HIV long term outcomes, models of care and research capacity building. 

Dr Nicaise Ndembi - Editor in Chief

Dr. Ndembi serves Director of Research at the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria, Adjunct Associate Professor, Division of Epidemiology and Prevention at the IHV, University of Maryland School of Medicine, US and Research Professor, Global Affairs Section, Kanazawa University, Japan.

Before that, Dr. Ndembi was head of the Virology Laboratory at the Uganda Virus Research Institute (MRC/UVRI and LSHTM Uganda Research Unit) where he supported several multi-country randomized controlled trials on HIV treatment strategy including the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cluster-randomized trial to compare the effectiveness of home-based compared with facility-based delivery of antiretroviral therapy (Lancet 2009) and the UK Medical Research Council DART trial (Lancet 2010).

Dr. Ndembi has served on several scientific advisory panels and continues to serve as an advisor on HIV drug resistance and control policy to Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Health. He is a member of the PharmAccess Technical Advisory board for the Pan-African Study for Evaluation of Resistance (PASER) in Africa (Lancet Infectious Diseases 2012) and WHOResistance Network TWG (Lancet 2012). He has authored/co-authored more than 100 publications in peer reviewed journals. He is PI and co-investigator on numerous US National Health Institute (NIH) grants.

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