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Table 1 Criteria for the decision of the medical visit form

From: Consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on the continuum of care in a cohort of people living with HIV followed in a single center of Northern Italy

Whether one or more of these criteria was met, the patient was evaluated through a normal medical visit
If none of these criteria was present, the visit was performed through telemedicine
CD4 + T-cells < 200 cell/μl and/or < 14%
HIV RNA > 20 cp/ml in the previous examination
Switch to a new ART regimen in the last 6 months
Decrease of CD4 + T-cells > 25% and/or percentage decrease > 10% in the two previous examinations
Ongoing treatment with direct anti-viral agents (DAAs) for HCV eradication
Diagnosis of HIV infection or first contact at our clinic within the last 6 months
Elevation of liver function tests (LFTs) more than twice the normal values
Liver cirrhosis
Unexplained decrease of hemoglobin at last exams
Chronic kidney disease with creatinine clearance < 60 ml/min or decrease of > 25% in creatinine clearance since the last examination
Clinical history reporting frailty conditions or high risk of loss at follow-up (e.g. psychiatric comorbidities, active drug addiction, oncologic or hematologic comorbidities; pregnancy; kidney transplants; nursing home residents, patients recently released from prison and/or on house arrest)
Recent new diagnosis and/or admittance in hospital and/or changes in the therapies for comorbidities
Previous lost at follow-up since more than one year
Recent diagnosis of HCV infection, HBV infection, Syphilis new infection or reinfection
Missed answer to telemedicine call