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Table 2 Spearman’s correlation coefficients of RIC measures for PLWH + T2DM, all age groups

From: Retention in care in aging adults with a dual diagnosis of HIV infection and type 2 diabetes mellitus: a longitudinal retrospective cross-sectional study

 Missed visits (count)Missed visits (dichotomous)Visit adherence4-month visit constancy6-month gapHRSA HAB measure
Missed visits (count, range: 0–12)1     
Missed visits (dichotomous)0.996**1    
Visit adherence (continuous, range: 0–1)− 0.854**− 0.854**1   
4-month visit constancy (categorical, range: 0–3)0.00500.331  
6-month gap (dichotomous)0.020.024− 0.029− 0.105**1 
HRSA HAB measure (dichotomous)− 0.141**− 0.140**0.130**0.93*0.169**1
  1. Some variables have different sample sizes
  2. HRSA HAB measure the US Health Resources and Services Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau (HRSA HAB) measure, PLWH + T2DM persons living with HIV and diabetes, all ages, OALWH + T2DM older adults with HIV and T2DM, YALWH + T2DM younger adults with HIV and T2DM
  3. * p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01