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Table 1 Fatigue items administered, with a priori subdomains

From: Validity assessment of the PROMIS fatigue domain among people living with HIV

Item description Subdomain
PROMIS 7-item Fatigue Short Form
 How often did you feel tired? Experience
 How often did you run out of energy? Experience
 How often were you too tired to take a bath or shower? Impact
 How often did you experience extreme exhaustion? Experience
 How often did your fatigue limit you at work (including work at home)? Impact
 How often were you too tired to think clearly? Impact
 How often did you have enough energy to exercise strenuously? Impact
Other calibrated PROMIS items
 How often were you physically drained? Experience
 To what degree did you have to force yourself to get up and do things because of your fatigue? Impact
 How run-down did you feel on average? Experience
 How fatigued were you on average? Experience
Items calibrated in PROMIS but administered with different response optionsa
 How fatigued were you when your fatigue was at its worst? Experience
 To what degree did your fatigue interfere with your physical functioning? Impact
 I felt fatigued Experience
 I had trouble starting things because I was tired Impact
 How much were you bothered by your fatigue on average? Experience
Uncalibrated PROMIS items
 How often did you wake up feeling exhausted? Experience
 How often did you feel so exhausted that you stayed in bed all day? Impact
 How often were you too exhausted to take your medication? Impact
 How often were you so exhausted that you missed appointments? Impact
New items from qualitative interviews
 How often were you too exhausted to carry out your daily responsibilities? Impact
 How often did your body feel exhausted? Experience
 How often were you too exhausted to chew and swallow food? Impact
 How often were you too exhausted to concentrate? Impact
  1. aBecause different response options were offered in this study, we did not use the PROMIS item parameters for these items