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Table 1 Antiretrovirals (ARVs) Used For Salvage Therapy in the 1,527 Treatment Chance Episodes (TCEs) *

From: Standardized representation, visualization and searchable repository of antiretroviral treatment-change episodes

ARV Class PIs†§ NNRTIs NRTIs Other
ARVs LPV/r (401) EFV (399) 3TC (654) RAL (104)
FPV/r (187) NVP (164) TDF (604) MVC (22)
SQVr (158) ETR (28) d4T (587) ENF (48)
IDV/r (129) DLV (15) ddI (511)  
ATV/r (120)   ABC (435)  
NFV (100)   AZT (260)  
DRV/r (81)   FTC (185)  
TPV/r (27)    
Total 1,203 606 3,236 174
  1. *The number within parenthesis following an individual ARV indicates the number of TCEs in which the ARV was included in the salvage therapy regimen.
  2. “/r” indicates ritonavir-boosting.
  3. §Included among the 187 TCEs listed as having received FPV/r are 76 who received unboosted FPV or APV; Included among the 158 TCEs listed as having received SQV/r are 23 who received unboosted SQV; Included among the 129 TCEs listed as having received IDV/r are 34 who received unboosted IDV; Included among the 120 TCEs listed as having received ATV/r are 4 who received unboosted ATV.
  4. Abbreviations: PI protease inhibitor; NRTI nucleoside RT inhibitor; NNRTI non-nucleoside RT inhibitor; LPV lopinavir; FPV fosamprenavir; SQV saquinavir; IDV indinavir; ATV atazanavir; NFV nelfinavir; DRV darunavir; TPV tipranavir; EFV efavirenz; NVP nevirapine; ETR etravirine; DLV delavirdine; 3TC lamivudine; TDF tenofovir; d4T stavudine; ddI didanosine; ABC abacavir; AZT zidovudine; FTC emtricitabine; RAL raltegravir; MVC maraviroc; ENF enfuvirtide.