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Figure 3

From: HIV-1 transgene expression in rats induces differential expression of tumor necrosis factor alpha and zinc transporters in the liver and the lung

Figure 3

HIV-1 transgene expression, or acute zinc chelation with TPEN, alters gene expression of the zinc transporters ZIP4 and ZNT4 in alveolar macrophages. Panel A shows the relative expression of ZIP4 and ZNT4 in alveolar macrophages isolated from HIV-1 transgenic rats as compared to alveolar macrophages isolated from wild type rats. Panel B shows the relative expression of ZIP4 and ZNT4 in the rat alveolar macrophage cell line NR8383 (ATCC) treated with or without the zinc chelator TPEN (5 μM) in vitro for 24 h. In both panels, gene expression by real time PCR was calculated by the ΔΔCT method and the expression in HIV-1-derived macrophages (Panel A) and TPEN-treated NR8383 cells (Panel B) were normalized to the expression for macrophages from wild type rats (panel A) and untreated NR8383 cells (panel B). Each value represents the mean ± SEM of 4 determinations.

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