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Table 3 Annotation categories

From: HIVBrainSeqDB: a database of annotated HIV envelope sequences from brain and other anatomical sites

Patient Column Definition
Patient code patient code
Sex gender
Risk factor HIV risk factor
Tissue bank tissue bank distributing samples
Patient year of death patient year of death
Sampling timepoint  
Sampling geo-region patient geo-region at time of sampling
Sampling country patient country at time of sampling
Sampling city patient city at time of sampling
Patient age patient age at sampling
Health status patient health status at sampling
Subtype predominant subtype at time of sampling
Drug naïve (ART) has patient had ART
Antiretroviral treatment (ART) patient ART history
Viral load plasma (copies/mL) plasma viral load
Viral load brain (copies/million cells) brain viral load
Viral load lymphoid (copies/million cells) lymphoid viral load
CD4 count (cells/uL) CD4 count
Neurocognitive diagnosis neurocognitive diagnosis
Neuropathological diagnosis neuropathological diagnosis
Giant cells were giant cells present in the brain
Genbank accession Genbank accession number
GI Genbank GI number
PubMed ID Pubmed ID for original publicaiton
Sequence length sequence length
Clone name publication assigned clone name
Cloning strategy methods of genome amplification and cloning
Sample tissue class global tissue class (Brain, Blood & Lymphoid, etc...)
Sample tissue name tissue source
Sample tissue FMA code tissue FMA code
Nucleic acid type was proviral DNA or viral RNA sequenced
Start and end coordinates sequence start and end referenced to HXB2
Sequence viral sequence