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Table 2 Classification of tissues represented in the database, with their respective Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA) codes

From: HIVBrainSeqDB: a database of annotated HIV envelope sequences from brain and other anatomical sites

Brain, brainstem, and spinal cord (n = 1272) FMA Code Number of sequences
Brain FMA:50801 171
Brainstem FMA:79876 16
Caudate nucleus FMA:61833 7
Cortex of frontal lobe FMA:242199 67
Cortex of occipital lobe FMA:242205 20
Cortex of temporal lobe FMA:242201 77
Frontal lobe FMA:61824 91
Left frontal lobe FMA:72970 214
Left hemisphere of cerebellum FMA:83877 1
Left occipital lobe FMA:72976 12
Left parietal lobe FMA:72974 5
Left temporal lobe FMA:72972 17
Middle frontal gyrus FMA:61859 10
Occipital lobe FMA:67325 25
Parietal lobe FMA:61826 3
Putamen FMA:61834 1
Right frontal lobe FMA:72969 43
Right hemisphere of cerebellum FMA:83876 1
Right occipital lobe FMA:72975 16
Right parietal lobe FMA:72973 18
Right temporal lobe FMA:72971 15
Set of basal ganglia FMA:84013 87
Spinal cord FMA:7647 12
Temporal lobe FMA:61825 41
White matter of frontal lobe FMA:256178 111
White matter of neuraxis FMA:83929 29
White matter of occipital lobe FMA:256188 140
White matter of temporal lobe FMA:256186 22
Meninges, choroid plexus, and CSF (n = 184)  
Choroid plexus of cerebral hemisphere FMA:61934 44
CSF FMA:20935 1
Set of meninges FMA:76821 139
Blood and lymphoid (n = 776)   
Blood FMA:9670 122
Infraclavicular lymph node FMA:14193 4
Lymph node FMA:5034 417
Mesenteric lymph node FMA:12795 28
Peripheral blood mononuclear cell FMA:86713 15
Spleen FMA:7196 129
T-lymphocyte FMA:62870 61
Other (n = 285)   
Bone marrow FMA:9608 31
Colon FMA:14543 135
Epithelial lining fluid FMA:276456 5
Liver FMA:7197 34
Lung FMA:7195 78
Right lung FMA:7309 2