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Figure 1

From: Specific eradication of HIV-1 from infected cultured cells

Figure 1

Specific killing of HIV-1 infected cells. (a) H9 lymphocyte T cells were infected by the WT HIV-1 at MOI of 0.1, exactly as described in [28], and then the infected cells were treated every two days with the indicated molecules or combinations. Every two days a sample was removed and its virus titer was estimated by the MAGI assay [37] using TZM-bl cells exactly as described [28]. (b) H9 lymphocyte T cells were infected with WT HIV-1 at the indicated MOIs and treated with INS or INS+INrs. The amount of virus production was estimated using MAGI assay on TZM-bl cells at 48 h PI. (c) Same as (a) but cells viability was estimated by the MTT assay as described in [28]. (d I ) and (d II ) Same as (a) but the average amount of viral cDNA integration events/cells was estimated by quantitative hemi-nested Real Time PCR exactly as described in [28]. Cells were grown as described in [28]. Viruses were produced and viral stock titer was estimated as described in [29]. Peptides were synthesized and purified as described in [28, 31]. The following concentrations were used: AZT 2 μM, Ro 31-8959 10 nM, INS/INrs 150 μM. Every experiment was preformed at least three times with relative error not more ±10%. Error bars represent standard deviation.

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