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Table 1 Comparison of signal to background ratios for fluorescence-based and gel joining assays

From: Comparison of metal-dependent catalysis by HIV-1 and ASV integrase proteins using a new and rapid, moderate throughput assay for joining activity in solution

Cofactor Assay 60' 120' 15' 30'
Mn++ a. Fluorescence 61 78 126 155
  b. Gel 2.5 3.4 4.2 4.5
  Fold Difference (a/b) 24.4 23 30 34
Mg++ c. Fluorescence 21.4 26.5 26.3 31.3
  d. Gel* -- 2.6* -- 1.3*
  Fold Difference (c/d)   10   24
  1. Signal-to-background ratios were calculated by dividing the values obtained in the presence of IN by those obtained in the absence of IN in the released fluorescent product (Figure 2B) or the relevant region of the gel (Figure 3). Ratios marked with an asterisk are from previous gel assays (not included), with ASV IN at the indicated time and HIV-1 IN at 180'.