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Table 3 Predicted HCV viremia, margins after ME linear regression

From: HCV RNA viral load is independent from CD4 cell count and plasma HIV RNA viral load in immunocompetent HIV-HCV co-infected patients: a 3-years follow-up study

HCV genotype 1 Previous HCV therapy IL28B CC Margin (IU/ml) 95% Conf. interval (IU/ml)
No No No 5.16x105 2.55x105 1.04x106
No No Yes 9.13x105 3.90x105 2.14x106
No Yes No 1.02x106 4.34x105 2.42x106
No Yes Yes 2.95x106 8.78x105 9.94x106
Yes No No 1.66x106 9.61x105 2.87x106
Yes No Yes 3.36x106 1.68x106 6.71x106
Yes Yes No 3.86x106 1.70x106 8.74x106
Yes Yes Yes 7.46Ex106 3.08x106 1.81x107
  1. Three predictors were included, HCV genotype 1, previous anti HCV therapy, and IL28=CC, in all combinations.