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Table 4 Comparison to RAMs combinations decreasing response to dolutegravir in the VIKING-3 study

From: HIV-1 acquired drug resistance to integrase inhibitors in a cohort of antiretroviral therapy multi-experienced Mexican patients failing to raltegravir: a cross-sectional study

RAMs combinations after RAL usePrevalence (%)
VIKING-3 [15]This study
No INSTIs mutations3348
No Q148a3640
Q148 + 1 secondary mutationb208
Q148 + ≥2 secondary mutationsb114
  1. RAMs resistance associated mutations, RAL raltegravir, INSTIs integrase strand transfer inhibitors
  2. aY143, N155, T66 or E92
  3. bG140A/C/S, L74I or E138A/K/T