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Table 1 Study population characteristics

From: HIV-1 acquired drug resistance to integrase inhibitors in a cohort of antiretroviral therapy multi-experienced Mexican patients failing to raltegravir: a cross-sectional study

Sex, male (%)20/25 (80%)25
HIV-1 subtype B (%)25/25 (100%)25
Plasma HIV-1 RNA, log10 copies/mL [mean (SD)]4.17 (1.11)22
CD4 + T-Cell count, cells/mm3 [mean (SD)]328.5 (217.07)12
RAL exposure time, months [mean (SD)]22.33 (20.38)15
Time on ART, years [mean (SD)]10.65 (5.7)12
Total prior ART regimens [mean (SD)]5.31 (3.13)16
Optimized backbone regimen (%)17
 NRTIs5/17 (29.41%)17
 NRTIs + PI5/17 (29.41%)17
 NNRTIs + PI3/17 (17.65%)17
 NRTIs + NNRTIs1/17 (5.88%)17
 Othera3/17 (17.65%)17
  1. SD standard deviation, NRTIs nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, PI protease inhibitor, NNRTIs non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, ART antiretroviral therapy
  2. aRegimens including enfuvirtide. N = 25