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Table 2 Summary of the subgroup and Sensitivity analysis of all studies based on type of the severity food insecurity, adjustment for drug use, ART and social support and quality of the included studies

From: Food insecurity and the risk of depression in people living with HIV/AIDS: a systematic review and meta-analysis

SubgroupsStudies, nRelative risk (%)95% CIHeterogeneity across the studiesHeterogeneity between the groups (P value)
I2P value
Level of food insecurity0.813
 Severe22.591.03–6.4893.02< 0.001
Adjustment for drug use0.134
 Adjusted21.631.27–2.10 20.000.850
 Not adjusted52.711.46–5.0089.83< 0.001 
Adjustment for social support0.902
 Not adjusted52.311.48–3.6389.07< 0.001
Adjustment for ART0.599
 Not adjusted52.431.32–4.4888.93< 0.001