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Table 3 Primary outcomes for isoniazid prevention therapy

From: A prospective cohort study of outcomes for isoniazid prevention therapy: a nested study from a national QI collaborative in Uganda

Patient characteristicsNumbers (n)Percentages (%)
Developed active TB disease over six months perioda
Primary outcomeb
 Never completed/unknown outcome10910.8
Other outcomesc
 Lost to follow up171.7
 Stopped treatment929.1
Reason for stoppingd
 Side effects4144.6
 Treatment interruption5155.4
  1. aOnly patients with known outcome and includes those who completed and those who stopped treatment
  2. bExcludes patients with unknown outcome
  3. cExcludes patients who completed treatment and is expressed out of the total cohort of 1026
  4. dIncludes only patients who stopped treatment