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Table 2 Overview and frequency of identified mutations in 27 patients (potentially treatment relevant mutations in italic)

From: Pretreatment resistance mutations and treatment outcomes in adults living with HIV-1: a cohort study in urban Malawi

Identified mutations (n)
NRTIAccessory PINNRTIResistance level to EFVa
M184 (1)T47S (7)K103N (11)High
 Q58E (4)A98G (3)High level resistance 3TC, Low level resistance EFV
 K20T (1)V106M (2)High
 M46L (1)Y181C (7)Intermediate
 M46V (1)G190A (2)Intermediate
 N88D (1)K103S (1)Intermediate
  K238T (1)Intermediate
  H221Y (4)Low
  V108I (4)Low
  E138G (2)Low
  V179D (2)Low
  E138K (1)Low
  K101E (1)Low
  1. The total number of mutations reported is higher than the number of individual samples with NNRTI-DRMs, as many samples showed multiple mutations
  2. NRTI nucleoside/nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors, PI protease inhibitors, NNRTI non-nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitors, EFV efavirenz, 3TC lamivudine
  3. aAccording to the Stanford Drug Resistance Database