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Table 2 Knowledge and beliefs about interactions and impact on adherence

From: Drug use and antiretroviral therapy (ART) interactions: a qualitative study to explore the knowledge, beliefs, adherence, and quality of life of people living with HIV taking ART and illicit drugs

Ignorance of ART-drug interactions14No, I had not considered the issue of drugs, I mean, I bear in mind the fact that drugs are not good(!), otherwise I do not think that they would be prohibited. I mean the damage they can do at the level… at the level of memory, and the level of intelligence, and all that. But the truth is that I never considered the subject of interactions… (Interview V-3)
Beliefs about ART-drug interactionsa
 Negative consequences
  Interactive toxicity beliefs11It’s like I said earlier, it is chemistry. That is, chemistry with chemistry, well bad things can happen… (Interview S-4).
What could happen? It’s like the movie… the first film of Batman, the Joker’s combination of products, if you get the bad combination, you can die. Also, it depends on each body (Interview B-2)
  Decreased effectiveness of ART9Well, I imagine that defenses would decrease, anyway… ART would somehow eventually stop being effective (Interview S-5).
  Absence of negative consequences4I think there is no problem when you take drugs with medication (Interview V-5)
 Perception of threat or vulnerability
  Perception of threat to health11Well,. sometimes I say: you gotta die of something! You know? (laughs). And sometimes I say we must live! And sometimes I say… I don’t know… Well! In the long term, it must leave its mark, no?… (Interview M-1)
  Absence of perception of health risk8Nothing… I don’t notice anything at all. The effects of the drugs are exactly the same as those I had before having HIV and before taking treatment… Because in the months that I have been… in the years I’ve been in treatment, I have taken drugs at the same time, and my levels all have continued to be OK (Interview S-2)
  Minimization or relativization of the risk2…Will it have interactions? The same as if you take three coffees and then you do not sleep at night, you know? I mean: it has interactions, well, yes, for the same reason, because it’s chemistry with chemistry and that cannot be good. But very, very, serious interactions, maybe you have to be very, very addicted to drugs… I am not very, very addicted, although I consume many types… (Interview S-4)
  1. ART antiretroviral therapy
  2. aResponses that allowed multiple coding