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Table 1 Summary of actinomycosis and its clinical management in patient living with HIV/AIDS patient, reported in English-language literature

From: Primary cutaneous actinomycosis: a diagnosis consideration in people living with HIV/AIDS

S. noReferencesCD4 count/µLSurgical interventionAntimicrobial therapyTreatment durationOutcomes
Cervicofacial actinomycosis
1Yeager et al. [9]NANot donePenicillin G (IV) + oral penicillinPenicillin-G = 6 weeks; oral penicillin = 3 monthsCured
2Watkins et al. [10]NAEdematous soft tissue and sequestrum were removedPenicillin G (IV)6 weeksCured
3Manfredi et al. [11]case 1(11); case 2(4)Surgical debridement of tissueItraconazole + ceftazidime + netilmicinFew weeksDied
4Kingdom et al. [12]499Not doneOral penicillin3 monthsCured
5Manfredi et al. [13](case 1)9Surgical debridement of tissueFluconazole. Ceftriaxone, netilmicin, itraconazole and ceftazidimeFew daysDied
  (case 2)2Surgical debridement of tissueFluconazole, ceftriaxone, netilmicin, itraconazole, piperacillin and clindamycin45 daysDied
6Vazquez et al. [14]480Surgical incision of the tissueOral amoxycillin3 weeksCured
7Spadari et al. [15]NANot doneOral doxycycline (patient was penicillin allergic)2 monthsDied
8Yuria et al. [16]63Not doneIntravenous ampicillin2 weeksCured
9Sudhakar et al. [17]82Not doneAmpicillin salbactam (IV) + amoxycillin–clavulanic acidAmpicillin salbactam (IV) = 4 days; amoxycillin–clavulanic acid = 5 daysCured
10Klein et al. [18]367Removed maxillary bone sequestrationPenicillin G (IV) + amoxycillinPenicillin G (IV) = 3 weeks; oral amoxicillin = 6 monthsCured
Thoracic actinomycosis
11Cendan et al. [19]NANot donePenicillin G4 weeksDied
Pulmonary actinomycosis
12Tabarsi et al. [20]NAUpper lobectomyOral penicillin; clindamycin, metronidazole, trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole (TMP–SMX) and ceftriaxone were added to Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART)6 monthsCured
Gastro interstinal actinomycosis 
13Spencer et al. [21]NANot doneAntacids and ketoconazoleNot describedCured
14Litt et al. [22]100Not doneOral penicillin5 monthsCured
15Arora et al. [23]4Not doneIntravenous penicillin + fluconazole4 weeksDied with other cause
16Redelman et al. [24]22Not doneDoxycycline (IV) (the patient was allergic to penicillin)4 monthsDied with other cause
Primary cutaneous actinomycosis (lower extermities)
17Gomes et al. [25]123Wound debridementTrimethoprim + sulfomethoxazole + ART (emtricitabina + tenofovir, ritonavir, and darunavir)4 monthsCured
  1. ART antiretroviral therapy, IV intra-venous, HAART highly active antiretroviral therapy, TMP–SMX trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole