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Table 1 Serological and virological screening of the patient

From: Remission of an HHV8-related extracavitary primary effusion lymphoma in an HIV-positive patient during antiretroviral treatment containing dolutegravir

 Antibody screeningViremia (copies/mL)
Herpes simplex 1/2HSV1 IgG positive
HSV2 IgG negative
IgM negativeNA
EBVIgG VCA positive
IgG EBNA positive
IgG EA negative
IgM negative< 55
Varicella zoster virusIgG positiveIgM negativeNA
CMVIgG positiveIgM negative175
HHV8IgG positive 44,826
HCVNegative NA
HBVHBsAb positive Negative
HAVIgG negativeIgM negativeNA
SyphilisNegative NA
TuberculosisMantoux negativeTB gold negativeNA
ToxoplasmosisIgG negativeIgM negativeNA
  1. NA not applicable