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Table 2 Care continuum outcome measures followed in DC

From: Geographic patterns of poor HIV/AIDS care continuum in District of Columbia

Measure Definition Levels
HIV cases living in DC Number of cases diagnosed with HIV through 2015 and presumed living in DC at the end of 2016  
Linkage to care Evidence of diagnosis date to first CD4 and/or viral load laboratory Living in DC; any evidence of a CD4 and/or viral load after initial lab in DC
Newly diagnosed: any evidence of a CD4 and/or viral load lab within 3 months initial HIV diagnosis
Retained in care Stability of care in 2016 Two viral load and/or CD4 labs reported more than 90 days apart in the year
Out of care: No lab reported in the year
Virally suppressed Suppression any time after HIV disease diagnosis Suppressed: reported viral load ≤ 200copies/ml
Not suppressed: reported viral load ≥ 200 copies/ml
No viral load reported