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Table 2 Different assays used to measure different analytes

From: Distribution and fate of HIV-1 unintegrated DNA species: a comprehensive update

Analytes Assays Advantages Problems References
Resting CD4+ T cells PCR Considered as ‘gold-standard’ for measuring latently infected cells Low accuracy, slow, costly [28, 80]
Total DNA qPCR Integrated and unintegrated HIV-DNA per million in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) or CD4+ T cells Unknown [80]
Total HIV-DNA and 2-LTR circles Droplet digital PCR More sensitive and precise comparing to real time pol PCR Short life span of 2-LTR; low accuracy [80]
Provirus Alugag PCR and qPCR Conventional method to detect integrated proviruses. Nonspecific, low accuracy [80]
Intracellular HIV-RNA PCR Detection of 1 copy per million resting CD4+ T cells Unknown [80]
Viral RNA HIV-RNA single copy assay (SCA) Ultrasensitive method to quantify HIV-RNA in plasma Unknown [80]