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Table 1 Major development steps of the cell or stem cell based HIV therapy during the last decades

From: Stem cell transplantation in strategies for curing HIV/AIDS

Year Improvement Ref
1981 Cell transfer without conditioning [44]
1984 Syngeneic SCT [45]
1988 SCT together with anti HIV medication (Suramin) [46]
1989 Allogeneic SCT [47]
1990 Use of anti-retrovirals during SCT [48]
2001 Allogeneic SCT combined with gene therapy [49]
2005 Cord blood for SCT [50]
2007 SCT with a CCR5-d32 homozygous graft [10]
2010 In vivo (animal) modification of hematopoietic stem cells using zing fingers [51]
2013 Combined CCR5-d32 cord blood with haplo bride [52]
2016 Generating multi-HIV-antigen specific T-cells [24]