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Table 2 Factors associated with adherence to ART in literature reports from Cameroon

From: Trends and determining factors associated with adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART) in Cameroon: a systematic review and analysis of the CAMPS trial

Factors Reference (findings)
Patient variables  
 Female gender Rougemont et al. (↑)
 Age>49 years Newman et al.* (↑); Freeman et al.**(↑)
 High monthly income Rougemont et al. (↓); Boyer et al. ([28] ; ↑)
 Education Freeman et al. (↑)*
 Binge drinking Boyer et al. ([32] ; ↓); Roux et al. (↓); Newman et al.(↓)*
 Drug use Freeman et al.(↓)*
 Tobacco use Freeman et al.(↓)*
 Lack of family support for adherence Boyer et al. ([32]; ↓);
 Experiencing discrimination and stigma Boyer et al. ([32]; ↓);
 Positive perception of treatment Roux et al. (↑)
 Being transferred-in to HIV clinic Mbopi-Keou (↑)
Medication variables  
 Switching regimen Boyer et al. ([32]; ↓);
 High motivation Roux et al.(↑)
 Using a reminder method Roux et al.(↑)
Patient Provider Relationship  
 Satisfaction with information provided by physician Roux et al.(↑)
Disease characteristics  
 Advanced stage of disease Rougemont et al. (↓); Roux et al.(↑)
 Increased duration on medication Roux et al.(↓); Freeman et al.(↑)*Mbopi-Keou (↑)
 Higher CD4¥ count at initiation of ART β Mbopi-Keou (↑)
Health System/clinic Characteristics  
 Cost of care/Having to pay for care Mosoko et al.(↓), Boyer et al. ([32] ; ↓) ; Boyer et al. ([28] ; ↓) Laurent et al. (↓)
 Increased distance from clinic Mosoko et al. (↓)
 Large hospital size Boyer et al. ([32]; ↓);
 No task shifting from physician to other staff Boyer et al. ([32]; ↓);
  1. ↓Reduces adherence; ↑increases adherence; * Cohort included participants from Cameroon, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo; ** Cohort included females from Cameroon, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo; ¥ CD4-positive-T-lymphocyte; β Antiretroviral therapy.