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Table 2 Impact of Predictors on Antiretroviral Adherence[1]

From: ART adherence changes among patients in community substance use treatment: a preliminary analysis from MACH14

Effect Estimate Pr >|t|
Intercept 0.82 <.0001
Week −0.02 0.0022
Recent Substance Abuse Treatment (yes/no) 0.09 0.0471
Male 0.08 0.0216
African American(Caucasian is Reference) 0.05 NS
Hispanic 0.07 NS
Other Race 0.05 NS
Illicit Drug Use (largest proportion of days reported use of illicit drug other than cannabis) −0.13 NS
Man who has Sex with Men 0.02 NS
Employed −0.03 NS
  1. 1-Adherence was proportion of prescribed doses taken during an eight week period comprising each of 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after substance abuse treatment status was inquired about.