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Table 2 Examples of interview extracts of HIV positive individuals and health workers concerning barriers for HIV/AIDS care, South Wollo, April 2010.

From: Factors associated with late presentation to HIV/AIDS care in South Wollo ZoneEthiopia: a case-control study

Barriers for HIV/AIDS care HIV positive individuals and health workers citations
Inadequate knowledge about HIV/AIDS and HIV/AIDS care ''...I have inadequate knowledge about HIV/AIDS and HIV care .I came to the health facility when I was seriously sick''
  (HIV-positive individual (Case) from Borumeda Hospital)
Fear of side effects "...The side effects of almost all antiviral drugs are the most difficulty faced by people living with HIV/AIDS to present early for HIV/AIDS care."
  (Pharmacy technician from Dessie Referral Hospital)
Perceived HIV stigma ''.........Some people living with HIV/AIDS did not disclose their HIV status for others because HIV positive individuals experienced HIV stigma and discrimination, losing jobs, breaking relationships and disturbance of families.''
  (PMTCT nurse from Borumeda Hospital)
Non-disclosure of HIV status 'HIV positive individuals were highly stigmatized by the community. I didn't want to disclose my HIV status to others.''
  HIV-positive individual (Case) from Dessie Referral Hospital)