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Figure 2

From: Chronic alcohol ingestion exacerbates skeletal muscle myopathy in HIV-1 transgenic rats

Figure 2

Representative (immuno)histological staining in alcoholic plantaris muscles from HIV-1 transgenic rats. Measurements of fiber area (quantified in Figure 1C) were made from hematoxylin and eosin (H&E-stained) sections. Serial sections were also processed for immunohistochemical detection of MHC type I and/or MHC type II (IIa, IIx, and IIb) expression. Hybrid fibers - those that stain positively for both MHC type I and any one of the three fast MHC isoforms in rat muscle - are identified by the asterisks in the HIV + EtOH panels. For convenience, asterisks have been provided within each group to track fibers in series.

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