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Figure 1

From: HIV-1 V3 envelope deep sequencing for clinical plasma specimens failing in phenotypic tropism assays

Figure 1

Boxplots illustrating quasispecies variability for the V3-loop of 4 independent clinical isolates. X-axis: haplotypes present in a clinical isolates, with a cut-off of 50 reads or 1%. Y-axis: number of reads from the GS-FLX amplicon sequencing reaction. Boxplots represent sequence read numbers of 7 individual experiments. Boxplots symbols are as follows: black squares = min; bottom of the box = interquartile range 1; black triangles = median; top of the box = interquartile range 3; and black diamonds = max. Example of an haplotype read distribution of the 7 parallel experiments for V3-H2 of sample A: 6, 11, 120, 137, 182, 232, and 470; resulting in the following numbers for the boxplot: min: 6, q1: 65,5, median: 137, q3: 206,9, and max: 470; total number of reads: 1157.

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