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Table 1 Relative cytokine expression patterns of opportunistic infection-related IRIS cases compared to matched controls.

From: Multi-analyte profiling of ten cytokines in South African HIV-infected patients with Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome (IRIS)

Infectious disease IL-1β IL-2 IL-4 IL-5 IL-6 IL-10 IL-12 IL-13 IFN-γ TNF-α
Nontuberculous lymphadenitis (n = 1) E D E E E E E D I E
Follicular facial rash (n = 1) E E E I E D E E E E
Bacterial scalp abscess (n = 1) E E D E I E E D D D
Genital herpes (n = 1) E E E D E E E E D E
Lip zoster (n = 2) E E E E I E E E I E
Abdominal TB (n = 2) E E E E I E E E I E
Kaposi's sarcoma (n = 1) E E E E I I I I I D
Pulmonary TB (n = 3) E E E I I E E E I I
TB adenitis (n = 2) E E E E I I E E I E
Cryptococcal meningitis (n = 3) E E E I I E E E I E
  1. Each disease manifestation exhibited a unique cytokine expression profile. I = relative increases in cytokine expression in IRIS cases compared to Non-IRIS controls, E = equivocal expression compared to Non-IRIS controls, and D = relative decreases in expression compared to Non-IRIS controls.