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Table 1 Chromosomal integration of different SB constructs.

From: Stable gene transfer of CCR5 and CXCR4 siRNAs by sleeping beauty transposon system to confer HIV-1 resistance

Cell Line SB Construct Chromosomal Location
GHOST-R3/X4/R5 RFP control Ch 5q34-q35, Ch 17q25.1
  CXCR4 siRNA Ch 17q23.3
  CCR5 siRNA Ch 5q34-q35.1, Ch 20q13.2
MAGI-CXCR4 RFP control Ch 6p22.3, Ch 12q14.2
  CXCR4 siRNA Ch 5q33.1, Ch 7q31.1
MAGI-CCR5 RFP control Ch 10p12.31, Ch 15q11
  CCR5 siRNA Ch 12p11.2, Ch 20q13.3