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Table 1 Acceptability Questionnaire: Parameters and sample questions

From: Acceptability of Carraguard, a candidate microbicide and methyl cellulose placebo vaginal gels among HIV-positive women and men in Durban, South Africa

Parameter Number of questions Sample question
Gel use experience and product attributes 26 Did the gel dry out too quickly?
   Was the gel too wet or drippy?
   How did you feel about the amount of gel you had to insert/use each time?
   How did you feel about inserting the applicator into your vagina?
   How would you rate the study product (gel and applicator) overall?
Covert use of microbicides 2 Do you think women, in general, could use this gel during sex without their partners' knowledge?
Condom and gel use during sex in study 9 If there were times during the study that you used condoms, what was the main reason?
   On average, how long before sex did you insert the gel?
Sexual preferences 2 Do you prefer sex to be: very dry, dry, somewhat lubricated, very lubricated, or no preference?
Attitudes toward potential microbicides 26 What kind of microbicides do you think women in your community need?
   Would you be more willing to use a microbicide if it protected against both HIV/STDs and pregnancy, or only HIV/STDs?
   How important is a product that makes your vagina feel clean?