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Figure 2

From: Boosted protease inhibitor monotherapy in HIV-infected adults: outputs from a pan-European expert panel meeting

Figure 2

Efficacy of a) Lopinavir/r [21]and b) Darunavir/r monotherapy vs comparator arms [7, 20]. Efficacy was assessed in the ITT population and modification of treatment was considered failure in the MONET and MONOI darunavir/r monotherapy trials[7, 20]. In the lopinavir/r monotherapy trials[21], there was some variance in what was considered failure. In OK04 2005, treatment modification = failure. In OK04 2008, treatment modification ≠ failure. In KALMO failure was defined as confirmed HIV-1 RNA > 1,000 copies/mL. In MO6-613 non-responders were defined as those who either did not complete 96 weeks of treatment, had HIV-1 RNA at > 50 copies/mL at week 96, or experienced confirmed virological rebound before week 96.

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