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Table 4 Four genes were found with link to HIV-1 in the CCR5-delta32 heterozygous group

From: Coregulation of HIV-1 dependency factors in individuals heterozygous to the CCR5-delta32 deletion

Significant higher Expression in CCR5-delta32 samples
Gene Function (link to HIV-1) Beneficial effect for CCR5-delta32 carriers Reference
Transm. Repli.
U2AF65 Splicing factor (enhances with the polypyrimidine tract of the splicosome of several HIV-1 genes) Unknown [35]
CD30L Regulation immune response (elevated CD30 levels during acute HIV-1 infection) Unknown [36]
PRKACB Catalytic subunit of camp-dependent protein kinase (coexpression with the HDF GliPR) Unknown [37]
TAP Antigen presentation (HIV-1 abrogates TAP mediated peptide transport to MHC I presentation) Possible [38]
  1. Only for TAP there was a beneficial effect pre-described in terms of viral transmission. For the other three genes there are currently no data concerning a beneficial effect available. (transm. = transmission, repli. = replication).