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Table 3 Three genes with a link to HIV-1 pathogenesis were found to be significant higher expressed in the CCR5 wild type group

From: Coregulation of HIV-1 dependency factors in individuals heterozygous to the CCR5-delta32 deletion

Significant higher Expression in CCR5 wild type samples
Gene Function (link to HIV-1) Beneficial effect for CCR5-delta32 carriers Reference
Transm. Repli.
TOP1 Synthesis of cDNA (in combination with RT transcription of viral RNA to DNA)   Possible [30]
CXCR2 Receptor for IL-8. Mediates neutrophil migration to sites of inflammation. (binding side of p17 HIV-1 , cross-linked to CXCR1 and indirectly cross-linked to CXCR1 mediated CCR5 internalisation) Possible   [29]
SREBF2 Cholesterol metabolism (enhancing viral replication)   Possible [31]
  1. For TOP1 and SREBF2 there are reports that overexpression of these genes might have a beneficial effect on HIV-1 infection. For CXCR2 overexpression this beneficial effect was described in case of HIV-1 transmission. (transm. = transmission, repli. = replication).