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Table 1 Summary of findings using classification by theme and category

From: Collective patient behaviours derailing ART roll-out in KwaZulu-Natal: perspectives of health care providers

Theme Category Meaning unit
Socio-economic situation of patient Poverty • Lack of food
• Lack of transport fees
Belief system Religious ideological/traditional • Self-ordained religious prophets
• Use of traditional medicine.
Stigma Non-disclosure • Non-disclosure by women
• Non-disclosure of parents to their teenage children who are HIV positive.
• Non-disclosure of mothers when they leave the children in the care of grandmothers/ baby minders
Sexual practice Culture/psychosocial factors • Unacceptability of condom use.
• Teenage pregnancies
Escapism Substance abuse • Alcohol abuse
• Drug abuse (whoonga)
Opportunism Abuse • SASSA guidelines.
• Child grant