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Figure 8

From: Lentiviral transduction of Tar Decoy and CCR5 ribozyme into CD34+ progenitor cells and derivation of HIV-1 resistant T cells and macrophages

Figure 8

HIV-1 challenge of in vivo differentiated thymocytes: Vector transduced CD34+ cells were injected into SCID-hu thymic grafts and allowed to differentiate. Thymocytes were harvested from two different mice at 60 days post-engraftment. To enrich for the EGFP positive cells, they were sorted by FACS (>90% purity). The cells were expanded by culturing in vitro and challenged with the T cell tropic HIV-1 NL4-3. On different days post-infection, samples were collected and assayed for p24 antigen. Tar 1 & 2 and Tar-CCR5Rz 1 & 2 represent data from two different mice.

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