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Figure 7

From: Lentiviral transduction of Tar Decoy and CCR5 ribozyme into CD34+ progenitor cells and derivation of HIV-1 resistant T cells and macrophages

Figure 7

FACS profiles of thymocyte subsets derived in SCID-hu grafts: To determine the presence of different thymocyte subsets, in vivo differentiated cells from SCID-hu grafts were collected and stained for thymocyte markers CD4 and CD8 by using PE and FITC conjugated antibodies respectively. The stained cells were analyzed by two color FACS. A, Isotype control. B, thymocytes from a control animal; C, thymocytes from a HIV-1 Tar animal; D, thymocytes from a HIV-1-Tar-CCR5Rz animal.

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